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Oscar's Bell

2018 | UK

Duncan (Paul Bullion, The Witcher, Peaky Blinders) and his dog Oscar (Anti, After Life) have gone on their weekly camping trip into the wilderness together. However, when Duncan looks out into the woods, something else looks back.

Duncan – Paul Bullion
Ross – Rio Walker
Ross' Mother – Coral Sinclair
Oscar the Dog - Anti

Director – Chris Cronin
Writers – Sam Cronin + Chris Cronin
Producer – Andrew Oldbury + Chris Cronin
Cinematographer – Sam Cronin
Assistant Director - Ati Zafar
Production Designer – Elizabeth Webster
Casting - Benjamin Newsome
Make up / SFX Artist – Mita Patel
Editor – Pawel Pracz
Composer – Crypt Of Insomnia
Sound Design + Sound Recordist – Andrew Layfield
Re-recording Mixer - James Walker
Scoring Mixer - Martyn Ellis
Visual Effects by – Klay Abele
Colorist – Doug Garside
Animal Handler - Ashley Foster

Distributor - ALTER
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