On set of 2:AM

Chris is an award-winning director whose films have proven popular at festivals worldwide. His most recent short films have collected awards at Raindance, BHIFF, My Rode Reel, Reed Film and 48FilmProject. Raindance called his film Balcony; “A well-made and unique, but more importantly, intriguing piece of work that leaves you thinking about it after the… final second has passed”. He is currently developing his first feature, Malevolent, with Dan Films through the inaugural Frontières Finance Forum talent lab. Dan Films have a long track record of producing British and European hit films including Severance, Detour and Triangle.

Chris also serves as a Directing Tutor at the prestigious Academy of Live Recorded Arts (ALRA) drama school. He works with the acting students to help them prepare and shoot 60 scenes each year.

Founder of Genesis Flux Films.

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