The Moor (Feature Film)


2023| UK

The Moor will be in UK Cinemas from 14th June and on Digital HD from 1st July.

The chilling and atmospheric British horror, The Moor, had its World Premiere at FrightFest in August 2023. The Moor marks Chris Cronin's feature-length directorial debut and stars Sophia La Porta, David Edward-Robertson, Bernard Hill and Elizabeth Dormer-Phillips.

"Our aim with The Moor was to create an original suspense/horror film with an identity set firmly in our home county of Yorkshire. The moors have always been a place that inspired supernatural fears for us to draw upon - wisps, balefire, mysterious disappearances and ghostly animals are at the centre of many local myths we grew up around. As a genre filmmaker, I wanted to explore those important questions through tension and suspense. Genre lets us take a look at very human and painful situations and make them larger than life, forcing us to re-examine them. Thankfully, most of us don't know what it's like to experience a tragedy as great as Bill and Claire’s, but through the medium of horror we can elevate how awful it would be, making the audience really feel it."


“Drenched in atmosphere… the scares seep into your bones.” ☆☆☆☆ -  Total Film

“It’s very creepy. It’s got real visual flair, it’s got a palpable sense of something dreadful approaching, and there are moments in it, which you get in the best horror films, that give the sense of the cold hand on the back of your neck.” - Mark Kermode

 “Effectively traverses the arduous terrain of guilt and grief” - Screen International

"Director Chris Cronin masterfully maintains a needling ambiguity about the source of evil in this haunting tale of a father searching for his long-missing son" - The Guardian

"A brooding nightmare." - Starburst Magazine

“With DNA descended from The Blair Witch Project (1999) and the feel of British folk horror The Borderlands (2013), The Moor is an eerie, atmospheric chiller drenched in dread.” - Moving Pictures Film Club

“Verdict: The Moor is as relentless and vast as its location and, like that place too, rewards exploration. 9/10” - Scifi bulletin

The Moor is a strong debut that combines elements of found footage, folk horror and possession into a slow-burn escalation of unease and grief. It promises much for Cronin as a director, although it may not do any favours for the Yorkshire tourist board.” - The Geek Show

Claire - Sophia La Porta
Bill - David Edward-Robertson
Thornley - Bernard Hill
Eleanor - Elizabeth Dormer-Phillips
Alex - Mark Peachey
Liz - Vicki Hackett
Danny - Dexter Sol Ansell
Young Claire - Billie Suggett

Director - Chris Cronin
Writer - Paul Thomas
Producers - Pawel Pracz + Paul Thomas + Chris Cronin
Cinematographer - Sam Cronin
Assistant Director - Kyle Brearey
Casting - Benjamin Newsome
Make up / SFX Artist - Mita Patel
Editor - Pawel Pracz
Composer - Nir Perlman
Sound Design + Sound Recordist - Andrew Layfield
Re-recording Mixer - 344 Audio
Visual Effects - The Artistbuilding + Flipbook Studios
Colorist - Tracks and Layers

Sales - Raven Banner
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