Cineplex/Capcom/PS4 - Street Fighter Promo

Directing & Editing

2017| Promotional |UK/Canada

Northern Fights Canadian Championship Promo used by Cineplex in association with Capcom and Playstation. A Twitch promotion.

A short promotional video was created to advertise the event but a longer form edit was created just for the team to celebrate Street Fighter. Adam Baroni brings to life this classic character as a solid competitor for the real thing after spending his childhood winning Street Fighter tournaments at Blackpool Pleasure Beach. We had great fun shooting this promo in one night in the middle of Bolton countryside We really wanted to get across just how epic a real hadouken should be. Enjoy.

Adam Baroni
Salim Sai
Ben Williams

Director - Chris Cronin
Producer - Phil Meachem
DOP - Alex Stone
Sound - Andrew Layfield & James Rackham
Make Up - Mita Patel
Edit & Grade - Pawel Pracz
VFX - Klay Abele & Chris Cronin

Official Site - Northern Fights
Watch - Official Northern Fights Promo