Balcony (16 Second Short)


2015 | Micro Short | UK

Crafted within the confines of Chris's Manchester apartment, this short horror film unfolds in a brief 15 seconds, a challenge met with creativity under a 24-hour deadline. Drawing inspiration from the neighbours opposite, who often sit on their balcony in the quiet darkness. 

Winner of the Raindance Film Festival 14 Second Horror competition and 15 Second Horror Film Challenge (1st out of 450 entries). Celebrity Judge David F. Sandberg's (Shazam, Annabelle 2) top pick at 15 Second Horror Challenge 2016.

Festival Highlights//
Winner - Raindance Film Festival - Best 14 Second Horror, 2015
Winner - 15 Second Horror Film Challenge, 2016 (1st out of 450 entries)
Winner - Bloody Horror International Film Festival (BHIFF) - Best 15 second scare, 2016
Winner - Berlin Flash Film Festival 2016 - Best Micro Short Horror/Thriller
Winner - Best Technical Achievement - Selected by celebrity Judge David F. Sandberg's (Shazam, Lights Out, Annabelle 2)

Honourable Mention - Molins Horror Film Festival Competition, 2016
Honourable Mention - Festigious Los Angeles Film Competition, 2016
Honourable Mention - Los Angeles Film Awards, 2016

Official Selection - Hardcore Horror Fest, 2018
Official Selection - Nightmare Film Festival, 2017
Official Selection - Freakshow Horror Film Festival, 2017
Official Selection - Atlanta Horror Film Festival, 2017
Official Selection - Horror Haus Film Festival, 2017
Official Selection - Eerie Horror Festival, 2017

"A well-made and unique, but more importantly, intriguing piece of work that leaves you thinking about it after the 14th and final second has passed." - Raindance

"If you have heart problems, Micro Horror Film “Balcony” by Chris Cronin is not for you. There is only so much one can do in less than 30 seconds but Cronin has done a remarkable job in his mere 16-second film." - Mystery Tribune

Emma Kenny
Hayley Cartwright

Director + Editor - Chris Cronin
Cinematographer - Sam Cronin
Make up / SFX Artist - Mita Patel
Sound Design + Sound Recordist - Andrew Layfield