ALRA - Make It Happen


Audition for the Academy of Live Recorded Arts and make it happen.

We had a great time this term putting together our video trailer about a young man and woman preparing themselves for their audition at drama school. We are well aware how exciting, daunting and overwhelming auditioning for drama school can be so we asked Adrian, our Principal and Chris, our North Course Leader, some questions we thought might be useful for you preparing yourself for the day.

ALRA is a drama school with a proven commitment to providing the highest quality Acting, Directing and Stage Management training. Based in both London and Wigan, Lancashire, with provisional status in the new Teaching Excellent Framework and an international reputation for providing comprehensive, rigorous training, ALRA is one of the top destinations for students wishing to follow a career as an actor, director, stage manager or technician.

Director - Chris Cronin
Producer - Stephen Barr + Adrian Hall
Cinematographer - Sam Cronin
Sound - Andrew Layfield

Full extended cut - Click here